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Our Residential Lockout Services

With the busy working professionals we are, living in a multi-tasking world, it is pretty easy these days to lock yourself out of your home, car, patio, home office desk, shed, garage, and more. Don’t waste hours trying to find the key when you are only getting tardier for work or need to be at a big event. Call us and we can quickly get you back into control of your busy day.

Have a busted lock somewhere on your residential property? No problem! We can repair or replace almost any broken door lock you might have. If you have already tried everything to repair that lock or replace it, but still cannot find a solution, we have specialized industry professional tools for such jobs and have many solutions to get you back in control again.

High Security - Chip Keys - Remotes - FOBs - Smart Key - Proximity Key

No More Reasons to Pay High-priced Dealership Prices

Lose the smart key, FOB, or proximity key to your car? We offer cheaper prices as well not having the expense of towing your vehicle; we come to you! We can help you replace automotive OEM, factory and aftermarket keyless entry keys, and remotes. You don’t have to pay dealership prices for automotive key replacement anymore. Let us replace that key for you for a fraction of the dealership’s automotive key replacement costs.

Car keys working just fine, but the actual lock is badly damaged or has something foreign object lodged inside it? We can help! We are the leader in automotive lock repair and replacement.

Medeco - Master Key Systems - Door Hardware - Panic Bar - Door Closer

A Highly Rated Locksmith Company

Electronic door locks are far more complex than deadbolt locks and require a highly skilled locksmith company to repair these “smart locks” when something goes wrong. Electronic door locks, like most other lock forms, can also have issues. Although they are state-of-the-art, water and power surges, for example, can cause them to malfunction from time to time, or even an electronic glitch can cause major issues. We are experienced with these kinds of smart locks, and if your business experiences any problems or breaks with these locking units, we can help.

Master key system services are designed to let you use only one “master key” to open all or a series of locks. This service we provide brings a business great convenience without sacrificing employee safety. We tailor-make our master key system for all our commercial clients’ needs.

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