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We are licensed bonded and insured.  We only provide the highest quality parts and materials for our clients.
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Your Security is our Mission

As the owner of Top Notch Locksmith and Security my priority is to ensure that my client's security is protected.  We take the extra time to make sure that each and every one of our customers is satisfied with the service and that all of their security concerns are answered.   We leave nothing to chance.  This is what our customers have come to expect from a professional locksmith in NYC.


One stop shop in your neighboorhood for security

You are welcome to stop by our store at any time to speak with our knowledgeable staff.  They will answer all of your questions regarding, key copies, high security keys and locks, lock changes, door service and installation, security camera service and installation.  Our job is to make sure our customers are well informed about the latest advances in security.  Our showroom is filled with the best security products and our staff is available to answer any questions and to provide expert advice.
Our Satisfied Customers
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Jonathan O.
lower east side locksmith
Benjamin R.
After a fire in the space below my apartment, the FDNY crowbarred my door and jammed it closed, then entered through a window and locked all the doors from the inside.  Roye came on his way home at 11:30pm (after getting to work at 8am) to help me get in.  He's really nice and has explained everything and talked through pricing.  He is awesome and I cannot recommend his business highly enough.
I cannot recommend highly enough.
After many years an old lock just wouldn't open - locked out - I called TOP NOTCH LOCKSMITH SERVICES.
To be honest you hear stories so I didn't have high hopes - but in less than 10m mins Roye arrived!
Polite and friendly Roye saw the problem and replaced the lock within 30 minutes. I now have a state of the art lock that works perfectly. Great rates. They offer other services - I will be sure to call them again. I will be recommending Top Notch Services to friends and neighbors!
Thanks Roye
Jessica V.
Locksmith & Doors

Top notch Locksmith & Security offers professional locksmith and door services for commercial and residential customers through out New York city . We are a 24/7 One stop shop maintenance company for building management companies that require multiple  services on a regular basis.  

We also service residential customers throughoull five boroughs in New York City. Our technicians work in the cities that they live so the response time in most cases is 15 minutes and the quotes are guaranteed. We handle locksmith NYC services for autos, as well as commercial and residential safes. All of our technicians are certified and professional and are trained to handle all locksmith problems that you may be experiencing. 

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  • Door Installation

Top Notch Locksmith & Security offers professional service maintenance by trained, professional technicians. Our Locksmith NYC technicians are trained to work with the most current emergency locksmith services.

As a locksmith NYC company with years of experience, we specialize in house lockouts, car lockouts, business locks changes, residential locks changes, and more! If you need rekeys, or any lock installation or lock repair service - contact us today! We'll be waiting for any emergency locksmith services 24/7.

You can also follow us on social media or send us an email anytime for more inquiries about our locksmith services.
top notch security locksmith
top notch security locksmith
top notch security locksmith
top notch security locksmith
top notch security locksmith
top notch security locksmith
top notch security locksmith

How Can We Help?

It's important not to take matters into your own. Contacting a locksmith NYC company like ours can benefit your life in many ways. We advise that you remain calm as we will arrive at your location 15 minutes or less!

  A good locksmith company is certain to suggest that you have the latest lock updates and or maintenance checks with your security. Sensors are helpful in detecting break ins and temperament .

You can always prevent break ins by keeping your windows closed. Security is what we're experienced in. Our reputation for being excellent locksmiths comes from years of practice and technique handing.

We are a licensed and ensured company who are willing to explain the procedures of our services while lending a supporting hand. Expect the best from our Top Notch Locksmith & Security team.

Contact Us Today!

Our Free estimates can provide you with a better understanding of what is to be involved in our locksmith services. We will go through each step to guide you through the process.

Don't let security get in the way of your busy schedule. We will work around the lock with you to provide the best services for your property.

We cover all neighborhoods and areas in New York City including Midtown, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Lower Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and many more!

Our locksmith NYC services are 24/7 around the clock just waiting for YOU to call (646) 781-7070 today.
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  3. Glass Door Installation
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